Seminar: Understanding Syria through Refugees' Stories: Bir Köprüden Geçtik

10/12/2020 18:30

Professor Wendy Pearlman will present her acclaimed book, We Crossed a Bridge and ItTrembled: Voices from Syria, recently published in Turkish as Bir Köprüden Geçtik: SuriyeliDirenişçiler Anlatıyor (Bilgi Yayınevi, 2020). The book is an oral history of the Syrian conflictbased on interviews that she has conducted with more than 400 displaced Syrians across theMiddle East and Europe since 2012.

Called "essential reading" by the New York Times and using exclusively Syrians' own words, the book is a mosaic of stories and reflections that express thehuman dimension of the Syrian uprising, war, and refugee experience.

Wendy Pearlman is Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University, where she alsoholds the Charles Deering McCormick Professorship of Teaching Excellence. A specialist in thecomparative politics of the Middle East, she is the author of four books, We Crossed A Bridgeand It Trembled: Voices from Syria (HarperCollins, 2017), Violence, Nonviolence, and thePalestinian National Movement (Cambridge University Press, 2011) Occupied Voices: Stories ofEveryday Life from the Second Intifada (Nation Books, 2003), and Triadic Coercion: Israel'sTargeting of States that Host Nonstate Actors (co-authored with Boaz Atzili, ColumbiaUniversity Press, 2018).

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