27/06/2016 09:00
01/07/2016 18:00
  Boğaziçi University will host the 15th Meeting of the European Society of Sonochemistry on June 27- July 1, 2016. The objective of the meeting is to bring together scientists, engineers and experts from academic, industrial and environmental professionals to present their findings and to exchange fertilizing ideas in order to shape future trends and directions concerning fundamentals of sonochemistry and ultrasonic applications in processing, synthesis and environmental remediation.The presentations will focus on scientific and technological advances in fundamentals and applications of sonochemistry, the origin of which still remains as a challenge despite the remarkable developments in our understanding of the formation of chemically active species under homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction systems. Young researchers and students are welcome to participate and to interact closely with senior scientists, professionals and industrialists engaging open and vivid discussions throughout the whole meeting.

Keynote Speakers:

CHRISTOS ARGIRUSIS "The role of ultrasound in electrochemical synthesis" 
MUTHUPANDIAN ASHOKKUMAR "Ultrasonic synthesis of core-shell architectures: Recent developments" 
ÉRICO MARLON DE MORAES FLORES "Ultrasound-assisted extraction of rare earth elements from carbonatite rocks" 
AHARON GEDANKEN "Sonochemistry of molten metals " 
TOM VAN GERVEN "Ultrasound assisted crystallization: nucleation, crystal growth and fragmentation " 
PARAG R. GOGATE "Intensified delignification and enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass with an objective of enhancing biofuel production" 

NILSUN H. INCE "Ultrasound-assisted AOPs for the destruction of emerging pollutants in water " 
YASUAKI MAEDA "Application of ultrasound to cascade extraction of sugar, medicinal compounds, and oil from oil seeds" 
GARETH J. PRICE "Sonochemical modification of carbon nanotubes for enhanced nanocomposite performance " 
DAVID FERNANDEZ RIVAS " Is reproducibility inside the bag? " 
YUNING ZHANG "Acoustic wave propagation in bubbly flow with gas, vapor or bubble mixtures "